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Often times we look at ourselves in life, and we think about where we are going, where we want to be , and what we want to be. 

You look at the job you have right now , and wonder if that's all you will be doing for the rest of your life. You start to feel stressed out about a bad grade you might have gotten in one class, and feel as if that can't be undone. And we just let the smallest things get to us and just make us lose hope and disappointed.

It's like you wake up and just feel so hopeless, as if all the problems in the world are being pushed down on you. You feel restless and tired and the very being of your existence disappoints you. It's like your whole world is falling apart.

Those days when you start to wonder whether you are better of dead and all the sudden nothing makes sense no more.

You see we live in a society, that's constantly moving and being changed. The trends of yesterday are no longer the same as the ones of tomorrow. Things that people used to say,do,and wear about a month ago is no longer the same. It makes it so easy to just lose yourself and get caught in whirlwind of everything.

There's always pressure to have all the most expensive things, newest things, look the best out of everyone, fit in with the crowd and so on , that people tend to lose themselves.

It makes it so easy to just feel alone and as if you're not loved when you find yourself being different or the odd one out. 

Just about a few days ago was Valentine's day and something occurred to me as I scrolled down on my social media that day and night.

It occurred to me how us as a society have gotten so caught up in celebrating love on that particular day, that like it's a must you must have someone or you're not cool enough, or cute or pretty enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Valentine's Day and the idea of it and think its nice that couples celebrate themselves and what not's, just like I also think everyday should be Valentines day if you're in a relationship or married. But that's besides the point.

The point is we have made it seem almost as if not having a Valentine is the end of the world and you can't be happy if you don't have a Valentine.

I found myself even getting caught up in this belief , and all of the sudden the fact that I didn't have a Valentine almost became a burden for me.

And as I saw all these happy couples posting pictures and looking happy, I became bitter.
I became bitter that I too didn't have someone who was going to do all of these things for me, I became bitter of the fact that I was lonely and stuck babysitting, I became bitter of the fact that maybe no one wanted me and that I wasn't good enough.

But the truth is , that's not the case. Just because I didn't have someone special in particular on that day, didn't mean that there was something wrong with me.

It just isn't my time yet, I know it's cheesy but it's true.There's someone special out there waiting for me , he just didn't show up on that day and its Okay, my one day will come.

My point is that I became so bitter , that I forgot for a second in that moment that I was able to open my eyes that morning, and thousands of people weren't able to.

I forgot for a second that the fact that I can breathe, feel, touch, see, and hear is by the grace of God.

I forgot that there is even a God because at the moment all that I could think about, was the fact that I was single, lonely, tired, sad etc. It was as if all of these things were just piled up into a big mountain that was blocking my joy and happiness away.

It's like I allowed the devil to just steal my joy away and replace it with shame, guilt, discontent, and weakness and I forgot to appreciate the small things in life that I and everyone else tend to take for granted.

And most importantly I forgot that God loved me, and he was my ultimate Valentine everyday and that's even so much better.

And the sad part is lots and lots of people go through life feeling this way. As if they are worth nothing, as if nothing good will ever come there way, as if pain and disappointments are all they will ever know, as if miracles don''t happen everyday, and as if God isn't by their side walking with them through the hard times.

Now whether or not you believe in God(we will save that for another day), I just want to say that God didn't promise us a life without pain and sorrow, he just promised us that he would help us go through it and overcome it.

I wrote this post to encourage someone out there who was just like me on Valentines day, feeling hopeless and lonely, and for someone who might feel like this everyday and may be feeling stressed, and depressed and is on the verge of giving up. Please Don't Give Up.

I wrote down a list of many beautiful things in life to be happy for, things that just makes it feel good to be alive, how to be happy , and most of these are the small things in life that you might not have appreciated before. I hope after you finish with this post you start to look at life a little much better and realize that in life you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

And sometimes you have to go out and dance in that rain, even if it's hard and the last thing you want to do and also there are things in your life that you deserve to be happy for .

Being happy and Making sure that you are happy at all times is really important and hard, but it can be done.

Starting things of on my list is...

1.Enjoy Simplicity

I can't stress it enough by saying how much appreciating the small things in life, makes you so much more grateful and happier without you even knowing it. It doesn't have to be materialistic things or anything in that manner it could be things like.

·         Beautiful Sunsets

·         Seeing the colors of the leaves in Autumn

·         Fresh baked cookies

·         Sleeping in, no school, no work

& Many More!
2. Learn to Love Yourself
Learning to love yourself is as important as breathing, you can't survive without doing so. Learning to love yourself not only makes you happier but it also lets you  appreciate and love others around you also.It makes you do things which make you happy things like...
·         Getting a new haircut or hairstyle

·         Cooking yourself dinner

·         Realizing you’re never truly alone

·         In loving yourself, don’t forget to love God either, after all he loved you first and through  him come great joy and peace

& Many More
3. Find Comfort in the Normal things in love, Find Peace
Just like enjoying the simple things, finding comfort in the natural things in life that you go through everyday is also a great way to be happy.. things like 

·         Sound of the rain

·         Tea before bed

·         Full moons

·         New Tv shows/ Movies

There are many things in life that  makes us happy for even just a moment that we don't even think about. We tend to just focus on the negatives more than the positives , but the truth is in order to be happy and keep on living healthy and well, you've got to make positives of the negatives and learn to make the best out of everything. I'm not saying automatically things are going to be perfect and all happy go lucky, no it's not but hey it doesn't hurt to think that way and appreciate things.

Also in life prayer always works, in everything that you do make sure you pray , as soon as you wake up, before you go to sleep, in everything just put it in the hands of God and let him pave the way for you and protect you during your day.

I just hope that someone was at least touched,blessed and inspired by this blog and that you truly remember that there is lots of reasons to stay alive and be happy, just because it's raining today, doesn't mean it won't shine tomorrow.
More things to be Happy about .
·         Compliments from strangers
·         Hugs
·         Clean bed sheets
·         Hearing a good song for the first time
·         First Kiss
·         Falling in Love
·         Meeting New people
·         Seeing old friends
·        The smell of clean Laundry
·         Traveling/seeing new places
·         Making others happy
·         Late night adventures
·         Petting Dogs
·         Breathing and having all five of your senses
& The list goes on

Love you and Stay Happy :)
Leave a comment down below if you liked this post and wants me to do more of these and have any ideas or questions about any post xoxox.