<![CDATA[AllthingsVickeykay - Fashion]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2016 21:34:49 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Me and My Blue Pants]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2015 15:00:25 GMThttp://allthingsvickeykay.weebly.com/fashion/me-and-my-blue-pantsFor the first time ever, I VIckey Kay , have finally decided to make an outfit of the day blog. 
I figured why not give it a try,  I mean I have countless of pictures of me on my phone, each and every time I wear an outfit or when I'm going out.

Why not share some of these outfits with you guys.

I must say I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to describing outfits and even posing in my outfits can be somewhat awkward, but hey we can't all be good at everything right?

So here goes nothing, bear with me as I showcase to you one of my favorite, simple, and inexpensive outfits that I've ever worn.

I wore this outfit on Sunday to church , a day which was very cloudy and had a drizzle of rain here and there. But that didn't stop me as you can see.

Disclaimer : I bought these with my own money, and I am not advertising any of these items nor am I trying to brag, they were also bought at separate times and I just wanted to share them with yall.

Enjoy xxx

Starting with the pants.
These  dress pants are courtesy of Forever  21, and I'm sorry to say that I do not actually remember the price.I have the worlds worst memory, I'm sorry. I will say however that it was in a safe price range between $20-$24 dollars, which I guess is not so bad for a simple, yet fashionable pants.

And now here is the lovely dress shirt.
This lovely tunic  courtesy of Cha Cha Vente, was bought at a discounted price at Burlington Coat Factory, originally $36 dollars (I am not sure , it was around this price range though) , but on sale for $14.99. Can't go wrong with such a lovely deal now can we?

And you can't have a complete outfit without your shoes now can you?
These 4 1/2 inch Rouge heels, were bought randomly at one of my mall adventures almost two years ago, at Rainbows. Were on sale for $19.99 and I just couldn't miss out on that chance for a nice tan frilly heels like these. Also very comfortable by the way.  As you can see by the black marks, on the shoes, you can tell I wear these alot . Oops :)
And last but not the least, here  are some of the accessories and essentials , that completed this outfit.
Bought this teal nail polish color at Rue 21 for $3.99
Watch was bought by one of my bestfriends for me, on Christmas and it's a map of California. Ghana flag bracelet was brought to me by one of my friends who gave it to me, after a trip to Ghana which is my home country. Bracelet was a gift that came in a box, in one of my monthly subscriptions of Bonjour Jolie.
And Now the whole complete outfit together equals....
Necklace was purchased at Rue 21 for $6.99 , I couldn't take a decent picture of it , without it looking wierd so I gave up lol.
Casually posing in the grass, like its the most natural thing the world,P.s I think an ant might have bit my butt during this process.
Squatting in a 4 inch heels in the grass are not as easy as it looks , I guarantee you lol.

And there you have it guys, A simple and inexpensive outfit totally appropriate for church(which is where I wore this outfit by the way), a meeting, work  if you work a an office of course, and even good for just a nice casual get together with friends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and feel free to leave comments and thoughts, if you think I should do this more often. fashion is one of my  most treasured passions, and I would love to share some easy  simple outfits for you guys.

Thanks for reading! Love you and be sure to check back on here more often for some updates and many more , xoxoxo :*

God Bless <3