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What's a girl to do on her day off work?

Go into the city for some adventure of course.

As you can already tell by the title of this post, it will consist of what I did on my day out into the city.

Well let's get started shall we?

It all started on a dreary cloudy Thursday afternoon, with about 60% chance of rain on my tow, I decided to grab my umbrella, along with my favorite messenger bag and make my way out into the city.

Taking the light rail into the city, and just walking around enjoying the feel and the atmosphere of the busyness around me, was a definite must.

Also there's nothing like having your spotify playlist on shuffle mode, volume at a full, ear buds in and just listening to all your favorite music as you walked around. Also greeting and smiling at friendly strangers is not so bad.

But I must confess, it is not an adventure in the city, if you don't at least shop til you drop somehow, Eat, and take pictures like a tourist.

Of course knowing me, and the blogger that I am, it would not be fair if I didn't make my first stop at Forever 21. 

And this starts us off with the list of things I did while out in the city.

1. But First let me Take a selfie.
Now you and I both know , you can't start your day off, without taking a selfie, even if you look as basic and as simple as I look in this picture, which I took on snap chat by the way, peep that filter lol, its always necessary <3

2. Just shopped for a little bit. Nothing Major just two things
There is no denying that we are officially in summer . So a nice little flower romper from Forever 21 is not such a bad idea after all. Only $19.99, this romper is perfect for a day out with friends, a nice little grad cookout,or even a day at the beach, I am definitely in love with it.
This adorable nice summer dress was $27.99 and is perfect for a nice cookout/picnic event , also nice for a day out at the beach, which is why I really bought it. Beach days , here I come !

3. Act Like a Tourist and Take Pictures
Yes I was going to Barnes and Noble because I'm a nerd and loves to read
Yes I'm about that boatlife.
I actually took this picture a while ago, but It's just such a pretty picture of my city that I had to upload it.

4. Eat like there's No tommorow
Yassss, Chipotle is my Life !!, haha but no really I do love me some chipotle, I just had to get me a nice rice bowl and give my eye sight the pleasure of looking at some nice men in the GQ magazine *wink wink* David Beckham though. Enough said.
Had to grab some good Gelato ice cream, at my favorite Italian ice cream and dessert place, Vacaros. (probably spelled it wrong , but oh well)

5. And Last but Not the Least Always End the Day Right.
Here's a nice Panoramic view of the city semi night time, once again I took this picture a while ago, but its pretty so I just had to.

But most importantly ,you guys don't forget to have fun. 

It's always refreshing to get out of the house sometimes, whether by yourself or with friends, it's necessary.

Just enjoy the nice buildings, views, and the restaurants and even the people around you and never take anything for granted,just be grateful and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you like me to do more of these things on my day out into the city, or out and about, it was fun !

And I encourage each and everyone of you, to just go out and do some sight seeing around your town, if you haven't already , it's so much fun and you discover so many cool spots and food places you didn't even know existed.

Okay guys , bye for now, Until next time :** xoxoxo , Thanks for reading! Love you

God Bless <3